About visualization

Time-Space Distribution Map - Comparison of trips covered by two cab service providers in a city.

Time-space distribution helps to show timestamps based insights on a static map with the changes occurring over a course of time. This advanced visualization whether in a four-dimensional or two-dimensional space incorporates time on a singular map as opposed to showing two or more maps side by side to demonstrate temporal change. To better understand the given scenario, the map is well distributed with shading, border thick lines, and timelines to show changes in space over time.

In the above visualization, we have taken the data from two cab service providers (red cabs and yellow cabs) covering an entire city in real-time. Using time-space distribution we tried to compare the number of trips covered by each cab service provider during the time period of 30 minutes. This helps the decision-makers in analyzing the customer preferences, busiest routes, time of travel, etc.